Business Darlings

If you woke up tomorrow morning and booted up your computer only to be greeted with a blue screen what would you do? 

As a multimedia specialist, I spend a lot of my time working in Photoshop – manipulating, cropping and resizing photos.

Here is a little business coaching for you: don’t be ridiculous and start up a business with an individual who you know will not do anything to contribute to the company. 

Sometimes it’s hard to push yourself when the money doesn’t seem to be rolling in. You may be tempted to sleep in or take the entire day off. A mentor can push you to work harder and remind you why a day off is not the answer. 

If you or your client has an event (i.e., a teleclass, webinar, convention, book signing, etc.,) to promote that needs to prompt folks to sign-up for the event, plan to begin promotion as early as possible by creating a social media marketing plan.

The World Wide Web has made nit-picky purchasers out of many of us, myself included. Gone are the days of heading to the department store to research and look at big purchase items like televisions or computers.

One of Howard’s many talents is to create landing pages, which he has cleverly coined Webrosures .  These cleanly designed pages successfully increase businesses’ internet exposure in the search engines.

One adventure all entrepreneurs face is preparing their taxes for the very first time. It can be  stressful and scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Fear in many situations usually comes from the fear of the unknown. The same is true for tax preparation. If this is your first time preparing your taxes (or even your tenth), you may be fraught with stress and fear. 

Every month on the 1st you have to pay your mortgage or rent payment. If you use QuickBooks for your accounting, you can have the software automatically enter the bill for you, or remind you to do it yourself. This is called a Memorized Transaction. Any transaction you make can be memorized it doesn’t have to be a bill or check it, could be an invoice to a client or a journal entry you record every month. Memorized Transactions can be a real time saver if you have multiply transactions that are the same every month.